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On Thursday, May 29th, I rode north with my friends Ron (Caponord), Chuck (R1100GS) and Bill (R1150 Adventure) to attend HyderSeek, a ride-to-eat event put on by Ron Ayres. The first night we made it to Prince George, BC and checked into a motel where we discovered Lisa Landry (IBR'03 Rallymaster), Kerry Church and some others I knew were also staying.

Here's a map showing the approximate route we took north (we actually crossed into Canada just north of Omak, WA, and took a slightly different route home, turning eastward at Cache Creek and crossing back into the USA just north of Kettle Falls, WA).

Friday, we did a leasurely 430 mile ride into Hyder, AK, arriving mid-afternoon, and made a lot of stops to take photos. Here's a shot of my FJR on the road about 25 miles east of Stewart, BC.

I rode up here once before, in 1986 or so, on a BMW K100RS. At that time, the Cassier highway looked pretty grim, with lots of clearcut. This time it was quite pretty, with lots of new (<20 year old) trees. Parts of the highway are now quite good too -- as good as any pavement in Washington.

That's me, and the ol' FJR, with Bear Glacier in the background. This is also on the connecting road between the Cassier highway and Stewart, BC. We had wonderful weather all the way from Spokane -- no rain, lots of sunshine and pretty clouds.

The infamous Hyder, Alaska. Photo taken from about 50' inside Canada (that's my FJR on the left directly under the "Welcome to..." sign. Last time I was here, there was no customs at this border crossing. This time, there's a customs stop on the Canada side, but not on the Alaska side.

This is pretty weird, as the way 99% of the people and goods get to Hyder is via crossing here from Canada, so the stuff coming back into Canada has for the most part already been *in* Canada before. True, there is a dock in Hyder, but there are multiple docks in Stewart, BC and there's no customs there.

The Sealaska Inn, rally headquarters, on the right. Some of the 140+ attendees are parked outside, though most of the attendees had hotels in Stewart, as this is about it for Hyder. The pickup in the center is on the road to the Hyder dock. This shot looks towards logical south.

The event included dinner Friday and Saturday nights, a really nice mil-spec long-sleeved shirt, and some great door prizes (an Aerostich, a 10-day ride in South Africa, etc.). We skipped dinner Saturday night in favor of a pound of King crab at the only "up scale" resturant in Stewart. Yum!

This was a tough shot to get, as the sun had already started to set (it was about 10-10:30pm when I shot this) and the people and bikes were in the shadow, while the peaks to the SE were still bathed in bright sunlight.

Craig Wilson rode his FJR1300 from Vermont to attend. His and mine were the only two FJRs there. Most riders were on BMWs of various flavors, or Hondas. About 1/2 the bikes had IBA license plate frames. About a dozen of the attendees had done a 48 or 49-states ride on the way to get there...

We saw more bears than deer (yea!), also saw moose, a big fox returning to the den with food for the litter early one morning, eagles, Sandhill cranes and some other critters, but had no problems with any of them other than for agressive braking for deer a few times.

Total mileage round-trip from Spokane, WA was about 2,300 miles -- done in 4 days of riding, plus a rest day in the middle.

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