Tire wear on some FJR1300s. The OEM tires are Bridgestone BT020N or Metzeler MEZ4 (B/J). The Metzelers are reported to wear somewhat faster than the Bridgestones. Here are photos of both brands at various mileages.

A BT020 front still appears to have a few thousand miles left at 4,800 miles.

This BT020 rear isn't going to last a whole lot longer, maybe another one or two thousand miles -- plus or minus. The arrow points to the wear bar.

A rear BT020 at 5,800 miles, down to the wear bar. I think this tire could safely be ridden a bit more, but I intend to replace it this week anyway.

A front BT020 at 5,800 miles. It's starting to get a tiny bit cupped, but appears to have lots of tread life left. I'm hoping it will last another 5,800 miles so I can swap it when I mount the 3rd rear tire.

The rear Metzeler MEZ4 on Todd Witte's FJR1300 at 4,380 miles (during the ButtLite III endurance rally). It looks better than the BT020 in the above shot at similar mileage.

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