John "Hawke" Laurenson contacted High Gear Specialties in the Fall of 2002 and asked them to build a center mount to his specs. The one they have for the Yamaha R1 requires a hollow steering stem. He really loves their mounts and wanted a clean installation of a GPS for his FJR.

John told them to use the steering column bolt as a mount point so a Streetpilot III or GPS could be centered on the FJR. Of course the stand could be used to mount another type of GPS, or a radar detector, or whatever...

They finally got around to it after about a month and here are the results. John mounted it on his FJR1300 -- and it fit great.

Mike is the guy to talk to at High Gear Specialties if anyone is interested. They also sell a mount the fits into the unused mirror holes on the handlebar controls on the FJR1300 which can be mounted on the left or the right side. That mount uses a ball and socket mounting system which allows the top plate to rotate 360%.

In January of 2003 the folks at High Gear sent me these additional photos:

Silver stemstand (#10998) with StreetPilot mounted via a Touratech mount. Also visible on the right handlebar is their (#31000R) pivot mount (with garage door opener) that attaches to the FJR1300's unused mirror mount.

The double-mount stemstand (#10998D). Pivot mount (#31000L) attached via left unused mirror mount.

A silver stemstand with the standard 2.5" x 3" plate. Also shows a (#31000R) pivot mount with Valentine One and remote display.

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