A cheap but effective GPS mount

I simply cut off the back half of a low voltage power supply that fit nicely over my clutch Reservoir, secured it with some criss-crossed zip ties, and epoxied the standard mounting plate that came with the Garmin GPS V to the top. I put a piece of mouse pad under the "plastic resevour lid" for a tight fit.

Works great, plus I can quickly remove it and mount it in my car for those 4 wheel occasions, or just to stash it safely while I'm away from my bike. Swivel and tilt are handy too. A radio shack project box cut down may work just as well. Cost: $0. If I have to get in to the resevour I'll just cut the zip ties, do my thing and reinstall. Doesn't interfere with the windscreen either.

Copyright © 2003, by H. Marc Lewis. All rights reserved.