Miscellaneous photos of various FJR mods and accessories that don't have their own Webpage, either because they don't deserve it, or because I haven't gotten to it yet...

Custom saddles from Rich's Upholstery, in Seattle, Washington.

Another closer shot. The rider's seat was about $500, the passenger seat about $100.

A BackOff brake light enhancement, on Gary's bike. The BackOff hooks into the brake light circuit and makes the brake light flash 4 times, then come on solid for a few seconds, then repeat.

Part of the TankSlapper kit for the FJR1300. The entire kit consists of clear plastic to cover just about every area that is subject to friction wear.

Another mod from Gary's bike -- this is a momentary contact push-to-talk button from Radio Shack. Make sure you get the right one, some are normally OPEN, some are normally CLOSED. For this application (and the one in the next photo), you want the normally OPEN versions.

Gary's garage door opener is triggered off this little black momentary contact switch. Gary said there's lots of room for these switches inside the housing.

A shot of the Stem Stand mount, this one (in silver) being used for a Garmin Streetpilot.

Another photo of Doug Hines' handlebar risers.

FJRoamer shows the mounting bolt for the rear view mirrors on his FJR. He knocked his off in a low-side and had to replace it.

Uppercut48 removed the straps in his saddlebags and replaced them with 10" mini bungie cords. The old straps were attached with velcro, which made it easier. He used key rings where the straps were attached so hooking the bungies is more conveinient and has longer stretch area. Some mini (net type) bungie cords might work real well in this application.

Barbarian added Scotchlite (3M) reflective tape to his saddlebags. This is what they look like with a bright light shining on them...

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