The Priority (early) Delivery 2003 model FJR1300s sold in North America came with saddlebags and soft bag liners included. The bag liners were backordered and did not arrive with the bikes. I took delivery of my FJR on 7/19, and got the bag liners over 2 months later on 9/28.

This is what the box they're shipped in looks like. It's about 18x14x7". If yours haven't shown up yet, you could print this photo and show it to your dealer so he/she will know what to be looking for. The accompanying letter to the dealer states clearly that the bag liners are to be delivered FREE to the specifically named FJR1300 Priority Delivery owner.

Both bag liners are flattened and enclosed in this plastic bag.

The right side bag (with RIGHT clearly marked on the top). The top flap covers the top half of the bag, and is closed with two zippers. There is also a zippered side pouch for flat, thin items, and an adjustable carrying strap.

The left bag inserted into the saddlebag. A snug fit.

This shows how snug. They do tuck in quite well though, and it isn't much trouble to shut the bag lid without pinching the liner.

The clips on the ends of the carrying straps are neat little pieces of hardware.

Transporting the bag liner using the carrying strap. [Update 11/18/02] Having now had them for several months, I can say they are very handy. I tend to use just one for most trips, as I keep the other saddlebag (the right one) filled with raingear, spare clothing, etc. that I want quick access to. When I take a really long trip, I imagine I'll use them both.

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