Changing the
Windscreen Angle
How Tom Barber modified the angle of the Yamaha accessory (large) windscreen on his FJR.
I had Rich's Custom Bike Seats make me a new saddle for my FJR, and Rich allowed me to photograph the process.
Fuel Cell (1) Tom Melchild adapted an off-the-shelf IRC fuel cell for use on his FJR.
Fuel Cell (2)'s Top Gun 4.7 gallon fuel cell, as mounted on my FJR1300.
FZ1 Mirror Mod "Sharp" submitted a Webpage describing how tall FJR riders can benefit from using FZ1 rear-view mirrors.
Givi Rack & Top Box Photos of a Givi monorack installation done by Tom Catron.
GPS Mount Options Photos various ways in which FJR1300 owners have mounted GPS units on their bikes.
risers (1)
Doug Hines created a set of 1" FJR1300 handlebar risers, and offers them for sale as well.
risers (2)
How I mounted a set of adjustable-angle 3/4" handlebar risers from Germany on my FJR1300.
grips (1)
Photos of some aftermarket (non-Yamaha) heated grips I installed underneath some Pro Gel grips. Shows the installation details, with links to suppliers. Uses a Heat-Troller for continuously variable heat control.
grips (2)
Tom Barber did a similar installation to mine, but with several improvements and with lots of technical detail on the electrical aspects.
Tom Barber did some mods to improve the visibility of his FJR, including an LED brake light strip, a BackOff controller, and some hi-viz reflective tape.
Photos a neat modification done by Kieth Goudelock of Tulsa, Oklahoma in which he cut slots in the triangular fairing piece just behind the front wheel.
A list of the 30+ modifications done to my (HMarc's) FJR, with a photo of it in it's current state. There was an older version of this page here too...
John Hinton's
Photos of John Hinton's mods, which include 2 relays, Hella driving lights, and both switched and unswitched power sockets.
Odd Bits Photos of various odds & ends, mods and enhancements that don't have their own dedicated Web page.
Photos of the Yamaha oil filter (special for the FJR), plus info about possible aftermarket equivalents.
Dick McWay sent in photos and a description of how he added a switched 6-connector power distribution block to his FJR1300.
Po' Boy GPS Mount George Pepper's clever low-cost solution to mounting a GPS.
RAM GPS V Mount Tom Barber's install of a RAM mount to hold his GPS V on his FJR.
Rifle Windscreen Photos of the stock Yamaha windscreen compared to the Rifle aftermarket windscreen for the FJR1300.
Roger Van Santen's Mods Photos and text describing Roger's modifications for long-distance riding.
Saddlebag Liners Photos of the OEM Yamaha saddlebag liners that came with the North American Priority Delivery FJR1300s.
Stem Stand John "Hawke" Laurenson talked High Gear Specialties into manufacturing a stem stand GPS/radar-detector mount for the FJR.
Switched Power Directions and photos describing how I added a relay to my FJR which provides ignition-switched power.
Tank Bag Modifying a TourMaster mini-magnetic tankbag for use on my FJR1300.
Photos and a description of how I mounted a Vista Cruise throttle lock on my FJR1300.
Photos showing tire wear at various mileages on the OEM Bridgestones and Metzelers.
Tom Barber sent in photos of mods he did to his FJR and a Nelson-Rigg tankbag to hold his electronics.
Water Bottle Mount How I added a large-capacity insulated water bottle and drinking hose to my FJR to adapt it for long-distance riding.

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