RogDeb's Low-side

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During the WFO-3 weekend, Roger ("rogdeb" from and his wife Debbie lowsided on a 20mph decreasing-radius downhill turn above the northeast side of Coeur d'Alene lake in northern Idaho. Roger sustained breaks to his scapula and collarbone. Debbie got major bruises and a deep puncture above her right knee. Both spent the night in the local hospital.

This is the view from the crash site. Interstate 90 is visible in the distance, if you know where to look. The ravine at the edge of this road was hundreds of feet deep, with sides too steep to climb up.

Here is the leading edge of the right exhaust can -- which is what we figure touched down and caused the bike to low-side. The other scuff marks are from the bike sliding across the oncoming lane, and through some gravel.

Roger and Debbie standing where the bike ended up. You can see the gouge marks in the gravel. As the bike dug into the gravel, it stood up and flopped (upright) against the concrete barrier, destroying the left rear view mirror and adding a few more scratches to the fairing. Good thing it was there, otherwise it would have been a total after falling the 300' or so to the bottom of the ravine.

Wanda (my wife) and Debbie searching for the rock that punctured her leg (they found it!) and the patch which was ripped off her riding pants. The white mark in the foreground is where we figure the exhaust can touched down.

This frame slider gave it's all to save Roger's fairing. The bike was perfectly ridable, other than having no rear view mirrors, and apparently has only scratches (no cracks) in the fairing and on a few other bits.

Rick Martin, who rode up with me to the hospital, is here about to ferry the bike to a friend of mine's house in Coeur d'Alene. The next day, Roger was able to score a pair of pristine FJR1300 rear view mirrors from my friend Chuck (who'd recently upgraded to FZ1 mirrors).

Tuesday morning, we put the bike on a pallette to be shipped to Sacramento, courtesy of   [note the new mirrors]   Roger and Debbie caught a flight home a few hours later...

Debbie's leg, 2 days after the injury..

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