Broken FJR1300 Givi Rack


[David J. Morrow originally wrote this May 25th, 2006]

If you have an FJR with a Givi rack and box, you may want to be very careful about how much you load it and what sort of valuables you put in it. I used the rack to mount my auxiliary fuel tank. The tank held almost ten liters which, at about 1.5 pounds / liter, totals about 15 pounds.

I believe the rack capacity is 11 pounds. I think engineers generally consider the working load to be 50% of breaking load. So, while I was overloaded, I would not think that 4 pounds is that much for the size of steel tubing used for the rack. The rack finally failed at some point riding through a construction zone. Not terribly bad and typical of what most riders expect to experience a few times each year.

In looking at the breaks, I noted the following:

Before & after.

The break.

Left side.

Right side.

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