FJR TechWest I


On Saturday, October 11th, 2003, in south central Washington state, Sunnyside Yamaha (also dba put on the first "FJR TechWest" school for FJR1300 owners. About 20-22 FJRs showed up, evenly divided between silver '03 models and two-tone silver '04 models. A few more owners showed up who didn't ride in.

Most attendees were from Oregon or Washington, with one from southern California (Dean Tanji, who did a 2,200 mile round-trip to be there) and one from Canada (Mark Binstead).

The format was a series of "classes" on how to modify/service/enhance an FJR1300. It included, among other things:

The perpetrators: Warchild (on the left) and Dan Denchel (owner of Sunnyside Yamaha)

Dan introduces his crew (less Mike). "Guru Glen" of fame is on the far right. This was so cool, 'cause Dan allowed us all free run of the workshop, and the mechanics didn't even compain when we got in their way, or borrowed their tools.

Some of the attendees, in the shop where we witnessed/participated in a wide variety of service procedures, modifications, and installations (no less than 3 PowerCommanders were installed).

One of the best parts: Sunnyside provided a scrumptious lunch of bbq'd salmon, Caesar salad, bread, and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

At about 5:00pm we wandered over to the excellent El Valle Mexican resturant next door and socialized for awhile, then had dinner. It was a pleasure to put faces to some of the names that most of us only knew via the Internet.

I believe that everyone had a great time (I sure did), and there was lots of praise for Sunnyside for the effort and expense of putting it on, feeding us a wonderful lunch, not charging us a penny! Here's hoping this becomes an annual event...

P.S. Several folks in attendance were shooting digital movies of the "classes". I expect edited copies will start becoming available either online or via CD/DVD soon. Check these resources for availability:

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