FJR1300 Periodic Maintenance
(Canadian kilometer version)


Oddly, the comprehensive maintenance schedules (there are two) appear in the FJR1300 OWNERS MANUAL, and not in the SERVICE MANUAL where one would expect them to be. As a result, it appears that many shops are not performing the correct service since they probably are referring only to the SERVICE MANUAL.

I have created specific lists of service items for each mileage, combining the emission control system and regular maintenance schedules. The schedule in the owners manual only goes to 31,000 kilometers, and tells you to repeat the 6,000 schedule for the 38,000 schedule, and so on. That, however, doesn't work out for things like the oil filter change, which isn't required at the 6,000 mile service but is required at the 38,000 mile service. My charts show the correct items, without making that mistake.

Click on the mileage below, and you will be taken to a Web page which lists the maintenance items which should be performed at that odometer reading or number of months. NOTE: There are slight differences from the Yamaha manual due to their inconsistant conversion of miles to kilometers. This shouldn't matter much, as the European market FJRs have service intervals 40% longer than the North American models (10,000 km vs: 4,000 miles).

If your speedometer reads in miles, try this page instead...

Because I expect that some riders will put serious mileage on their FJR1300s,
I have entended the schedules to the 400,000 kilometer mark. I also dropped the years suggestion, as folks in this range are probably far exceeding Yamaha's standard 13,000 kilometers per year.

If you've put over 400,000 kilometers on your FJR, you can certainly figure out how to continue on from here. Good luck and ride safe!

Copyright © 2002, by H. Marc Lewis. All rights reserved.