FJR1300 145,000 Mile (custom) Maintenance Schedule

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This is an (improved) custom checklist specific for the 145,000 mile maintenance for FJR1300s. It combines the emission control system and general maintenance and lubrication schedules from the FJR1300 Owners Manual. The USA model FJRs have a 4,000 mile service interval. The rest of the world has 6,210 mile (10,000 Km) service intervals. This schedule splits the difference using 5,000 mile intervals (which actually "repeat" correctly using the guide from the Owners Manual).

This schedule is more "regular" than the shorter USA schedule (i.e. it "repeats" just like the Km versions), and has the valve adjust intervals fall at natural 25,000 mile intervals, rather than the oddball 26,600 mile intervals of the USA owners manual. I believe it is more user-friendly than the USA recommended schedule, offers cost savings by adding 1,000 "free" miles to the oil and filter change intervals, is easier to remember (counting by 5's beats counting by 4's), and still provides more frequent maintenance than Yamaha recommends for most of the world's FJR1300 owners.

Many of us perform our own service, and this page is a useful checklist for that as well, to make sure we don't forget anything. Note that Yamaha recommends that you have your dealer perform these service items, as many require special tools and knowledge.

Several items are time based, or also have time limits, rather than being solely mileage based. For instance:

Service date: Mileage: Performed by:

Fuel line
  • Check fuel hoses and vacuum hose for cracks or damage
Spark plugs
  • Check condition
  • Adjust gap and clean
Air filter element
  • Clean
  • Check operation, fluid level and vehicle for fluid leakage
Front brake
  • Check operation, fluid level and vehicle for fluid leakage
  • Replace brake pads whenever worn to the limit
Rear brake
  • Check operation, fluid level and vehicle for fluid leakage
  • Replace brake pads whenever worn to the limit
Brake hoses
  • Check for cracks or damage
  • Replace every 4 years or if cracked or damaged
  • Check runout and for damage
  • Check tread depth and for damage
  • Replace if necessary
  • Check air pressure
  • Correct if necessary
Wheel bearings
  • Check bearings for smooth operation
Swingarm pivot bearing
  • Check operation and for excessive play
Steering bearings
  • Check operation and for excessive play
Chassis fasteners
  • Make sure that all nuts, bolts and screws are properly tightened
  • Check operation
  • Lubricate
Sidestand switch
  • Check operation
Front fork
  • Check operation and for oil leakage
Shock absorber assembly
  • Check operation and shock absorber for oil leakage
Rear suspension relay arm and connecting arm pivoting points
  • Check operation
Electronic fuel injection system
  • Adjust engine idling speed and syncronization
Engine Oil
  • Change
Cooling system
  • Check coolant level and vehicle for coolant leakage
  • Change coolant every 3 years
Final gear oil
  • Check oil level and vehicle for oil leakage
  • Change
Front and rear brake switches
  • Check operation
Moving parts and cables
  • Lubricate
Lights, signals and switches
  • Check operation
  • Adjust headlight beam

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