FJR1300 600 Mile Maintenance Schedule

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This is a custom checklist specific for the 600 mile (1,000 km) maintenance. It combines the emission control system and general maintenance and lubrication schedules from the FJR1300 Owners Manual. Note: the FJR1300 SERVICE MANUAL with the white cover is missing a bunch of service items, apparently the version with the blue cover is correct. They both have the same part and edition numbers.

Many of us perform our own service, and this page is a useful checklist for that as well, to make sure we don't forget anything. Note that Yamaha recommends that you have your dealer perform these service items, as many require special tools and knowledge.

Several items are time based, or also have time limits, rather than being solely mileage based. For instance:

Service date: Mileage: Performed by:

Muffler and exhaust pipe
  • Check for leakage
  • Tighten if necessary
  • Replace gasket(s) if necessary
Electronic fuel injection
  • Check and adjust engine idle speed and syncronization
Engine Oil
  • Replace (warm engine before draining)
Engine oil filter
  • Replace
Brake system
  • Check operation, pad wear, and fluid leakage
  • Correct if necessary
  • Check operation and for fluid leakage
  • Correct if necessary
Control cables
  • Apply chain & cable lube or 10w30 engine oil thoroughly
Brake and clutch lever pivot shafts
  • Apply lithium-soap based grease lightly
Final gear oil
  • Check for oil leakage
  • Change
Sidestand switch
  • Check and clean or replace if necessary

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