I created and use the custom schedule for the following reasons:

  1. It is easier to keep track of because counting by 5's is easier than counting by 4's.
  2. It is less work, and saves a little money by stretching out the intervals a bit.
  3. It makes the service intervals more "regular", like the Euro/OZ schedules.
  4. The valve-adjust interval becomes 25,000 miles -- very easy to remember.
  5. If 6,210 mile intervals is OK for the identical FJR1300 when sold in Europe or Australia, then 5,000 mile intervals should be perfectly OK too.
  6. I put a lot of miles on my bike, so it rarely sits without being used (and thus the "or so many months" time intervals don't come into play).

I have a 4-year Y.E.S. warranty, and carefully document all the services using the pages linked to above, and save the receipts for stuff like oil, filters, etc. I expect that documentation to be acceptable to Yamaha should I ever make a warranty claim.

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