Beside the fact you have to drill two 20mm holes through the tail piece to mount the base plate, mounting the Yamaha tail trunk is a snap.

As shown, the two holes drilled are quite large and must be centered on the factory installed nuts under the tail piece. The rear mount bolt replaces the already existing bolt in the middle. The two 20mm holes will take most the time and you better be over the nuts located beneath the tail piece or you will be pulling your hair out. I drilled a small hole first and used a flashlight to see how close I was to the receiving nut below.

Also, a 3/4" drill bit is what I used — try to borrow one if you don't have one. They are expensive. [Better is to us a "Unibit", a stepped drill bit designed to cut large holes in thin materials without buggering up the edges]

Here's the finished product. Just like the saddle bags, It comes off in a few seconds. I opted to mount the trunk according to the directions. The trunk is solid with no weight on the tail piece at all. The paint matches perfect and I'm happy.

The Yamaha trunk is not massive but its perfect for me. I can add a carrier on top of it later to haul more if necessary.


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