The glovebox on '04 and later Yamaha FJR1300s is pretty hard to see into at night. Here's how to add some light. BTW -- I've made a few changes since these photos were taken. I've added a second glove box light as one LED was not enough. And I have also changed the power to an un-switched source. (no relay) I found out what a pain it was to start the bike just to activate the glove box light circuit.

Items required.

Added the switch to turn the light off when the door is closed.

This picture shows the light installed through the side of the casing. The resistor is covered in shrink tube. The light enters the case beside boss that is inside the glove box. The boss helps to protect the bulb.

Here is a day time shot.

And night time shot. It sure makes it easier to find things.

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