Several folks have installed Datel Voltmeters on their FJR1300s. Tallahassee Doug and Wally Kilburg sent in these photos and the following text:

[Doug wrote] Installed my voltmeter this weekend. Looks/works great. 14.0vdc cruising at no load. I have attached some pics of the install. I chose the lower right panel (directly opposite the flasher button) for several reasons. The first is fit. It will not fit in the upper corner because of the windshield device. Also, I have heard from other list members that the meter can be quite bright at night.

I realize you have to take your eyes off the road to look at it but I don't think you need to stair at it. An occasional glance once in a while is all that's needed.

Anyway I like it. Very useful and it looks cool.

I asked Wally Kilburg for a shot of his Datel mount. Here's what he wrote:

Here is the finished product. I used a bake on coating that is corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, non-reflective and requires sandblasting to remove it.

I've used this stuff before in my other hobby. Basically you airbrush it on after shaking the crap out of it, then since it was only 58 in my garage, I hit it with my heat gun to set it up for about 5 mins. I also preheat the metal before spraying. I let it "cure" per instructions in the house for 30 mins and then, since my wife was gone, I fired up the oven and baked the parts for one hour. Stunk up the house but hey, its done.

Mounted everything and took photos. I'm very pleased with the location and set up and I didn't have to carve up any panels!

As requested, a pic of the Datel meter with GPS mounted and the view from where I sit. This is exactly the way I see it when glancing down. Sometimes, I use a Marsee magnetic tankbag - a standard 16L expandedable version. It rides nicely right on the tank with the GPS hovering over it.

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