The service schedule for the North American FJRs calls for changing the air filter at least every 12,000 miles. To clean or replace air filter you must first remove the seats, the small black fairing panel at the lower left rear of the gastank, and the silver fairing piece which covers the left side of the air cleaner box.

Then remove the 4 allen-head screws holding on the side lid of the air box.

You don't need to remove the cover to the air intake. I did, as you can see in the photo above, but it didn't help.

There is a thick bundle of wires just below the filter, visible in the photo above. You will have to move that bundle out of the way to get to the 2 lower screws holding the lid on.

The filter slides straight out to the left.

If you are simply inspecting or cleaning the filter, the SERVICE MANUAL calls for using compressed air to blow off the dirt and dust from the outside.

Reassembly is done in the reverse order, as you'd expect. I suggest using a small container that isn't easy to tip over to hold the screws, fairing screws and quick fasteners you have to remove during this procedure. They are easy to lose, and most are special fasteners replacable only at your Yamaha dealer...

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