Air Filter
How to change/clean the air filter.
Audiovox Cruise Control Installation Arlen Bloom's step-by-step instructions on how to adapt the Audiovox CSS-100 to an FJR1300.
Aux Fuel Cell Construction David J. Morrow's description of how he built a custom aux fuel tank for his FJR1300.
Barbarian Headlight
Tom Barber provides info about how he modified his FJR such that the "low-beam" switch position actually partially lights both the low-beams and the high-beams.
Barbarian Jumper
How to modify the North American FJR's EFI wiring so as to mimic the European and Oceanic FJRs, and enable the "CO Adjust" mode of the built-in diagnostics. Updated with info for 2004 USA-spec FJR owners.
Inexpensive Bike Stand Dick McWay's inexpensive lifting device for raising the front of the FJR for doing fork work.
Brake Line
Rick Conn's article on installing Spiegler stainless steel brake lines on the FJR1300.
Brake Pad
Willy Gonnason contributed a page showing how to change the brake pads on the FJR1300.
Build a
Front-end Stand
Dick McWay built a simple stand to support the FJR's front-end so that the front wheel could be removed.
Build a
Front-end Stand
(version 2)
I duplicated Dick's front-end stand with a few changes.
Change the
CO Setting
How to adjust the CO setting via DIAGNOSTIC mode, using the FJR's LCD display console.
How to remove and reinstall the dash panels, with photos, and information about how the "quick fasteners" work. Also photos of the fuse block.
Datel Voltmeter Installation Tallahassee Doug's photos showing how he mounted the Datel voltmeter on his FJR1300.
DiGI Gear Indicator Installation How to install a Datatool DiGI digital gear indictator on the FJR, including which wires to tie into.
Disabling the
How to disable the auto-retract feature of the FJR's windscreen.
Foam-ectomy on the Corbin Saddle Brian Horais' photos and writeup on how to reshape the Yamaha accessory Corbin saddle.
Foot Guards How to mount the Yamaha accessory foot guards (and where you can buy them).
Fork Disassembly Dick McWay's text and photos describing disassembly of the FJR's forks to install Race Tech Gold Valves.
Fork Spring Upgrade Dave Lockard's writeup on how to update the "2003" US/Canadian FJRs with springs from an '04 model.
Front Wheel
Directions and photos describing how to remove (and reinstall) the front wheel on an FJR1300.
Gas Tank Removal How to remove the FJR1300's gas tank, with step-by-step photos.
Glovebox Light Mark Binstead's photos and notes on adding a switched LED light to the glovebox on an FJR.
Headlight Adjustment How to adjust the FJR1300's headlights -- it's not as tough as you think.
Heat-Troller Mounted in left Switch Housing How Dean Woodward mounted the knob and LED of a Heat-Troller in the left handlebar switch housing of his FJR1300.
HID Auxiliary Lights (lowbeam) How to add aux. low-beam HID lights to the FJR1300.
HID Auxiliary Lights (highbeam) How to add aux. high-beam HID lights to the FJR1300.
Homemade Riv-nut Tool Torch provides a how-to on creating and using a homemade tool to install Riv-nuts in your FJR's header pipes.
Installing a Bulkhead Fitting How to put a bulkhead fitting into the bottom of the FJR's gas tank, as is needed when adding an aux fuel cell.
Load the FJR into a Pickup Directions and photos describing how to safely load the FJR1300 into the bed of a pickup truck, and tie it down securely.
Lubing the Pivot Points Paul Winslow describes, with lots of photos, how to lube the various pivot points on the FJR1300 (e.g. rear brake, shift lever, suspension, steering head, etc.)
Lubing the Driveshaft Splines Mark Johnson shows how to lube the driveshaft splines, which on his bike were pretty dry at 6k miles...
MAIN FUSE Replacement The 50 amp main fuse isn't where the service manual or parts fiche says it is. Here's how to find it, locate a replacement, and change it.
Making a Custom Luggage Rack and Mouting a Pelican Case Title says it all -- here's how I did it...
Moko Sliders Installation Directions and photos by David Butterfield describing how to mount the very trick Moko sliders on the FJR1300. These do not require cutting the fairing!
Ohlins Shock Installation Directions and photos describing how to mount an aftermarket Ohlins 46PRCS shock on the FJR1300.
Rear Wheel
Directions and photos describing how to remove (and reinstall) the rear wheel on an FJR1300.
R&G Slider Installation Derek Dickson's directions on installing the R&G frame sliders from Bike Johnny
Riv-nut Installation Directions and photos describing how to install Riv-nuts in the FJR's exhaust headers, as required to adjust the CO level.
Spark Plug
How to change the spark plugs.
Thread Repair 101 Dwayne Verhey (aka Torch) describes how to repair damaged threads.
Photos and directions describing how to do the throttle body sync required at the initial 600 mile service.
Throttlemeister Self-Lock Fix Tom Barber's how-to on fixing the Throttlemeister's tendency to sometimes engage by itself.
A semi-how-to on tire changing, with info on tires in general.
A Tire Pump Mod Tom Barber's writeup on modifying an AirMan portable air compressor for use on the FJR1300 (or any motorcycle, for that matter).
Top Box Installation Uppercut48 (from the Yahoo FJR Forum) provided photos and brief directions on how to install the Yamaha top box on an FJR1300.
Valve Clearance Adjustment Dwayne Verhey's (aka TORCH) writeup with 26 photos documenting how to do the FJR valve clearance inspection and adjustment, with a few shortcuts vs: the service manual procedure.
XM Radio Installation John Kirby's write-up on installing a Delphi XM Roady on his FJR1300.
Yamaha Heated Grip Installation A scan of the English directions for installing the Yamaha accessory heated grips.
Yamaha Heated Grip Mount Relocation Brian Horais' directions for moving the OEM heated grip controller to a more useful location.

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