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Moscow, Idaho — July 30-31, 2004

An event loosely organized by: HMarc and Warchild

This event is "organized" by us in the loosest sense. We arranged with the motel for discount rates, whipped up this Website, planned for some nice commerative t-shirts to be made, etc. We get nothing financial out of it -- we're doing it because it needed doing, we knew how, and we thought we could make it memorable.

If you need to contact either of us, the preferred means is email, using the links above. We hesitate to put our phone numbers here because some of you are truly demented, and might actually call us and want something. Better, we think, that you write it down and wait until we reply. We check our email often.

Trust us when we tell you that there are some truly fantastic motorcycle roads in this area, with far less traffic and enforcement than you're probably used to. Email us and tell us where you're coming from, and we will suggest a specific route or two that we guarantee will make you smile. Hope to see you there!

Hmarc & Warchild
January, 2004

Copyright © 2004, by H. Marc Lewis. All rights reserved.