Photos of H. Marc's FJR in the crate, the day before he took delivery. These shots were taken at 5:30pm on 7/18/2002 in Spokane, Washington, USA. The bike was to be PDI'd overnight and "delivered" on Friday, 7/19/2002.

The FJR crate, and the small box (on top) with the saddlebags
No owner's name on the crate, just the Yamaha labels

Whoever said "the PDI consists of putting air in the tires"
was dead wrong -- looks like many hours to reassemble this baby

The saddlebags apparently are MADE IN THE USA

Me (H. Marc Lewis) and my 2003 FJR1300
Mine came with BT020's just like I was hoping it would
The silver paint is gorgeous in the sunlight!