Clothing Adventure Moto Geat US Distributor for Rukka, Fenda Extenda's for the FJR
Aerostich riding suits, misc. gear
Belstaff riding suits, gloves, misc. gear
Cycle Port motorcycle apparel
Firstgear leathers, gloves, raingear, etc.
Gerbings Heated Clothing jacket liners and gloves
Hein Gericke leathers, gloves, boots, etc.
Langlitz leathers
LD Comfort underwear
Motorcycle Leather Exchange used & new leathers, gloves, boots, etc.
New Enough Leathers new and used leathers
Roadgear apparel
Tour Master riding suits
Vanson Leathers
Widder Enterprises heated clothing
Z Custom Leathers
Electronics Autocom communications systems, music/cellphone/radar
AutoNav 2000 Plus good prices on GPS systems (WFO-3 sponsor!)
Baehr USA motorcycle communication systems
Centech motorcycle electronics, wiring, power dist.
Collett Electronics helmet communicators, speakers, etc.
Cruise Control the real thing, just like in your cage...
Cycoactive GPS systems, GPS mounts, misc.
Electrical Connection lighting, power dist., security, audio, etc.
Garmin the most popular GPS manufacturer
The GPS Store various brands of GPS
Heat-Troller variable heat controllers, power plugs, etc.
J&M Motorcycle Audio headsets, audio systems, etc.
Jastek Engineering power sockets, plugs, wires, etc.
Magellan GPS products
Rider Station Digi digital gear indicators, etc.
Sierra Electronics A motorcycle audio store
Twenty20 Helmet and motorcycle cameras for filming your ride
Valentine One radar detectors
Exhausts Devil Bikes exhaust systems and sportbike bits
Renegade Exhausts
Staintune stainless steel systems
Two Brothers exhaust systems
Wolf hand-built exhaust systems
Lighting HyperLites super efficient LED lights
LifeBrite aftermarket tail lights & turnsignals
Motolight daytime running lights
Run-N-Lites bright running lights
Susquehanna MotorSports lighting and rally equipment
Top Serve motorcycle brake light flasher
Misc. 2 Wheel Innovations bar-ends and other stuff...
Air Rider electronics, gel pads, covers, helmets
Air Wings fully adjustable air deflectors
Baja Designs H.I.D. lighting systems, etc.
BigBikeBook a UK outfit that sells bikes and accessories online
Busters Accessories On-Line various motorcycle accessories
CalSci Windscreens, belly pans, etc.
California Sport Touring tires, helmets, clothing and accessories (WFO-3 sponsor!)
Cycle Color motorcycle paint (matching FJR colors)
Convertibars adjustable handlebars
Cycle Gadgets BackOff LED lighting, GPS, security, books, gadgets
D & D Enterprises billet handlebar risers/setbacks
Dual Star heated grips, "adventure" gear, etc.
FreeStreet Design Rear wheel hugger
Gadget Guy spiffy GPS mount for the FJR1300
Greenville Motor Sports Yamaha dealer with large Web presence
Handlebar Risers Doug Hines' version
Handlebar Risers "Lenker-Adapters" from Germany
Heeters Performance Center "Hippo hands", misc. motorcycle stuff
High Gear Specialties GPS and radar detector mounts (Stem Stands)
Hot Grips heated grips
Identi-Tape reflective tapes
LockItt motorcycle security products, luggage and accessories
Mag-Knight magnetic tank pads, tank bras, etc.
Marc Parnes Products wheel balancers
MotorcycleRadar radar detectors, mounts, quick stands, speedometer error correction
Premier Cycle Accessories Satellite radio mounts, audio accessories, racks and backrests
RAM mounts for GPS, radar detector, cellphone, etc.
Red Fox rear wheel huggers, various accessories
Redline Gear motorcycle camping gear
R&G Racing crash protectors, toe guards, etc.
Rev'It motorcycle apparel, mesh gloves, etc.
Ride Now Powersports FJR stuff at low prices
Rider Performance Motorcycles rear huggers, sportbike stuff
RL Motorcycles seats, Givi luggage, GenMar, Staintune, and more
Rod Neff excellent motorcycle wheel/tire balancers
Sampson SportTouring fuel cells, handlebar risers, electrical stuff
Spiegler Brake Systems braided steel lines, superbike bar kits
Superbrace fork brace for the FJR1300
Planet Superbike headlight covers, gas cap kits
TankSlapper maker of tank & sidepanel protectors
Throttlemeister cruise controls
Trick Bits Direct motorcycle accessories
Urethane Supply Co. plastic repair and refinishing
Wolftrax tool rolls, tiedowns, gear straps
X-Pel 3M Scotchcal™ protective films for paint and headlights
Helmets AGV
Schuberth Concept
Packing Amstaff Motorcycle Accessories tankbags, tail bags (FastBag), saddlebags, etc.
Helen Twowheels Super Packing System
Jo's U-pack
Kazuma FastBag luggage system
Mag's bags touring gear
Cascade Designs zip duffles
Ortleib waterproof travel bags
Seats/saddles Corbin seats, boots, misc.
Diamond Custom Seats
Rich's Custom Seats
Bill Mayer Custom Saddles
Rick Mayer Cycle
Russell Cycle Products
Sargent Cycle FJR seats with heat and backrests
Sheepy Hollow sheepskin seat covers
Spencers Motorcycle Seat Mods
Travelcade/Saddlemen gel-seats, luggage
California Superbike School -- Keith Code's deal
C.L.A.S.S. -- Reg Pridmore's deal
DP Safety School -- Dennis Pegelow's deal
Freddie Spencer's Riding School -- the ex-World Champ's deal
Motorcycle Safety Foundation (highly recommended)
STAR School -- Jason Pridmore's deal
Stayn' Safe Motorcycle Training -- Lawrence Grodsky's deal
Suspension Alf Hagon monoshocks
Circuit One suspension specialists (in Oregon)
Fornales Suspension
Fox Racing shocks, springs, etc.
Hyperpro Racing Suspension Technology
Ohlins rear shocks and springs
Race Tech suspension specialists (in California)
Works Performance rear shocks and springs
Tank bags,
tail bags,
Bagster magnetic tankbags, etc.
Chase Harper tank bags and luggage
Eclipse tank bags and luggage
Givi luggage, saddlebags, top boxes
Krauser luggage Saddlebags, top boxes, mounts
Mike Industries passenger backrest and luggage rack
Rev Pack soft luggage
RKA tank bags and luggage
Sargent tank bags and tank panels
Tour Master tank bags and luggage
Wolfman tank bags and luggage
Bridgestone (the BT020N is OEM on the FJR1300)
Metzeler (the MEZ4B/MEZ4J is OEM on the FJR1300)
SouthWest Moto Tires good prices on all brands
TireQwik home tire changing equipment
Windshields, fenders, etc. Cee Bailey's windshields, headlight guards
Ermax windscreens, huggers, etc.
Pyramid Plastics windscreens, etc.
Rifle fairings, windshields, misc.
Saeng winglets, edging, lights, etc.
Yamaha windshields, seats, heated grips, covers, etc.
Yamaha accessories Yamaha USA official Website for the United States
Yamaha-Motor Canada official Website for Canada
Yamaha-Motor UK official Website for England
Snow City Motorcycles a Canadian Yamaha motorcycle dealer in Toronto who will supply any accessory on request
Kellys Cycle Centre, Ltd a Canadian Yamaha parts supplier

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