These are just some of the many accessories for the FJR1300. Please also take a look at the Aftermarket Stuff page, the Modifications page, and the How-To page. All are here at this site.

A 4" taller windshield [P/N: 5JW-W0710-00]

Foot shields [P/N: 5JW-W0745-00]

Heated grip kit [P/N: 5JW-W0792-00]

FJR1300 Tankbag [P/N: YMD-20010-40]

Saddlebag liners (USA models are rumored to come with these std.)
[P/N: YMD-20010-60-10]

The Yamaha Top Box part number is 5JW-W0754-00-00 Silver (SM1) and should cost about $400US (based on the Euro price of 450). The Back Rest is P/N 5JW-W0772-00 at about $53, and the mounting (adapter) plate is P/N 5JW-W0720-00 at about $35. Here's a larger photo.

An aftermarket top box

Givi E52 top box

Givi baseplate for top box

Givi top box in silver

Staintune aftermarket exhaust pipes

Throttlemeister "cruise control" on end of handlebar

Powerlet 12v power distribution systems
for wiring in accessories like heated clothing, GPS, radar detectors, etc.

BackOFF license plate frames and LED strips.

Not shown: