This is the state of my 2003 Yamaha FJR1300 as of 12-May-2003, though by now it may have changed. Make that probably has changed, as I'm always "improving" it. My garage shelves are filling up with stuff that didn't work, or just got upgraded. I purchased it new, and took delivery on 19-July-2002. The photo was taken 11-May-2003 on Steptoe Butte, near the Idaho border in east central Washington. Looking approximately due west.

Here's a fairly complete though terse list of my modifications, roughly from the front of the bike to the rear — the links are to other pages with more information about the particular modification:

  1. Xenarc HID driving lights (low-beams)
  2. Various warning decals removed
  3. Garage door opener pushbutton on dash
  4. Jastek Powerlet "hot" power plug on panel "D"
  5. Dual-control Heat-Trollers mounted in panel "A"
  6. Lenker-Adapter adjustable handlebar risers
  7. Valentine One radar detector mounted on front brake reservoir
  8. Waterproof switch for HID lights on left handlebar mirror mount
  9. Cobra CB radio (not shown)
  10. Autocom Push-To-Talk switch on left handgrip
  11. Dual-Star heated grips
  12. Vista-Cruise throttle lock
  13. Pro Gell grips
  14. Stem-stand GPS mount
  15. Garmin StreetPilot III
  16. TourMaster CorTech mini-magnetic tankbag
  17. Delphi SkyFi XM Radio
  18. Autocom Pro-7 Sport
  19. Insulated underside of gastank
  20. Added a bulkhead fitting to the gastank
  21. Yamaha accessory footguards
  22. Rich's Custom Saddle
  23. Switched & un-switched power distribution underneath the seat
  24. Jastek Powerlet (for heated jacket liner) above left passenger peg
  25. Ohlins 46PRCS rear shock
  26. Top Gun aux fuel cell
  27. Top Gun aux light mounts (for the HIDs)
  28. Home-made cover with side bags for fuel cell
  29. Home-made enclosure beneath the fuel cell for storage
  30. E-Z Touring ("Traveller") bike cover
  31. Home-made tankbag/handlebar cover to keep stuff out of sight
  32. Home-made luggage rack
  33. Pelican 1550 environmental equipment case (for laptop, etc.)
  34. Iron Butt Association license plate frame
  35. [not shown] A 2L insulated water jug mounted in place of the right passenger footpeg, with drinking hose and bite-valve attached to tankbag via a keychain retractor


My FJR came OEM with Bridgestone BT020Ns, and I wore out two rears and one front tire in the first 11,500 miles. I'm now running Michelin Pilot Roads, and expect them to get significantly better mileage than the BT020s. I generally run 38psi on the front, and 40psi on the rear. I weigh 165-170 pounds with all my riding gear on, and always ride solo.


I have the front forks' preload on the 3rd ring, compression set to 21 clicks out from full hard, and rebound 8 clicks out from full hard. I have an Ohlins on the rear, with 20 clicks of compression, 11 clicks of rebound, and adjust the sag to suit my current riding conditions. The result is a much more "taut" ride than as delivered, more like a stock Ducati than a Yamaha.

Copyright © 2003, by H. Marc Lewis. All rights reserved.